Sunday, February 6, 2011

Communication Unsoed enliven CyberNews

Various works in mass media from the Department of Communication Science University General Soedirman Fisip will enliven BC CyberNews canal.

At least, assessment of cooperation between the Suara Merdeka (SM) CyberNews and Department of Communication Studies have been conducted in the Office of the Department of Communications Fisip Unsoed on Monday (17 / 1). BC Executive Editor CyberNews, Bambang Iswanto, Coordinator E-Paper and HR Administration CyberNews BC, Joko Chess Widhi Hutomo, BC IT staff CyberNews, Aminudin, Advertising Manager SM CyberNews accompanied by Rev. Eko Banyumas Bureau Chief Suara Merdeka, Sigit Harsanto and Chief Marketing Bureau Banyumas, Risang Riharko held a meeting with Chairman of the Department of Communication Science Faculty of Social Unsoed Setiansah Mite.

BC Executive Editor CyberNews, Bambang Iswanto introduce new programs BC CyberNews form of 'video streaming' which contains about the activities around campus and the general public. Bambang invites academics, especially college students to submit videos about the activity to the editor of BC CyberNews. "If indeed the work of students eligible to appear, within that time will be displayed in the 'video streaming' issue. If not, will be edited in advance by the editors," Aminudin added.

E-Paper Coordinator and Human Resources Administration CyberNews BC, Joko Chess Widhi Hutomo added, students are also expected to send non-news video. News delivery mechanism will be made uniform using a single server shared with students at other universities who have worked with BC CyberNews. "If there are students who want the focus to be citizen journalists, will be our guide in that direction," said Joko.

Separately, Chairman of the Department of Communication Science Faculty of Social Unsoed Setiansah Mite positively welcomed the cooperation offered by the BC CyberNews. So far, the Department of Communication Studies students new foray into print media in a practical internship. While many video works such as television production, only reached the desk assessment of lecturers. "Of course this could be the container to give the work of academic community to the general public through mass media," said Mite.


GeoTroy tuvlitea May 27, 2011 at 8:32 AM  

modem ku lemot nih...jd ngasih tau aku ng'link nya disini az.... mohon koreksinya..maklum yg postingnya org desa hasil obarol2 dgn para mahasiswanya.

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