Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spmb Unsoed Tahun 2012

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) Purwokerto, Central Java it is possible to reopen the program SNCA Unsoed 2012. Besides PKA also opens scholarship program at the Faculty of Medicine for 70 high school graduates from eastern Indonesia. The program is expected to improve the quality of health services in the region which is currently still considered inadequate.

Rector Prof. Edy Yuwono PKA, on Friday (09/30/2011), in Purwokerto said, scholarships are included in the Competitive Scholarship Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation (BU-BPKLN), the result of cooperation with the Ministry of National Education. "A total of 70 scholarships seeded at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is intended for children from eastern Indonesia who have good academic achievement," he said.

The area in question includes eastern Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua. According to Edy, health services in the islands are not evenly distributed and is still lack of medical personnel. This condition is of concern to all parties so as to encourage PKA open the scholarship program.

Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Retno Widiastuti added PKA, outstanding faculty ready to accommodate students from eastern Indonesia. In PKA, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences consists of five departments, namely General Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.

"We will take strict selection for the scholarship recipients," he said.

These scholarships will be divided into 20 people for the Department of Medicine, 10 people in the Department of Public Health, 10 people in the Department of Pharmacy, Department of Dentistry 10 people, and 10 others at the Department of Nursing. In line with the addition of these students, Retno said it will compensate by adding a lecturer. Until now, the recipient of BU-BPKLN besiswa in PKA as many as 244 students, consisted of 132 students and 112 S-1 S-2 student.

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