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Prediksi Soal SPMB Unsoed 2011

Unsoed or University General Sudirman (Unsoed), is a public university in Indonesia, located in Purwokerto, Central Java.

The University was established on February 10, 1961, and officially became a state college in 1963 with the birth of the Presidential Decree. Ministerial Decree No.195/1963 and No.. 153/1963. Name of General Sudirman was taken from the birth of national hero Banyumas place where the university was established and became a living monument to commemorate his services to the homeland, nation and state.

Front page and buildings Administration Center University General Sudirman, Navan with a statue of General Sudirman riding a horse.

The campus is located at the foot of Mount Slamet north of Navan town Banyumas district at the beginning of fruit only has 3 faculties, namely Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Economics. Currently there are 8 faculties comprising 56 study programs both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Campus architecture with a relatively cool mountain air space of more than than 850 000 m2 was also supported by facilities and infrastructure such as sports stadiums, places of worship, polyclinics, cafe, auditorium and others.

Alhamdulillah all the practice problems you can download. You are the visitors to prayer, our team successfully processed Exercise Problem SPMB Unsoed 2011, then revisit our site as often as possible. Thanks!

Download Prediksi Soal SPMB Unsoed 2011

All exam drill consists :
Basic Ability Test:

1. Basic Mathematics, Download Question, Download Solutions
2. Indonesia Language, Download Question, Download Solutions
3. English Language, Download Question, Download Solutions

Science Ability Test:

1. Mathematical Science, Download Question, Download Solutions
2. Integrated Science (IPT), Download Question, Download Solutions
3. Chemistry, Download Question, Download Solutions
4. Physics, Download Question, Download Solutions
5. Biology, Download Question, Download Solutions

IPS Ability Test:

1. History, Download Question, Download Solutions
2. Integrated IPS (IPS Terpadu), Download Question, Download Solutions
3. Economis, Download Question, Download Solutions
4. Geography, Download Question, Download Solutions


Saturday, January 8, 2011


One more son Soedirman obtain a very proud achievement at the national level, he is a GINANJARNJAR AGUNG student ISIP Department of Communication Science Faculty of Semester I. Elected Supreme INDONESIA TOURISM AMBASSADOR IN 2010 represents the province of Central Java. Indonesia Tourism Ambassador program is one of three programs be held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, two other programs that the selection of Miss Indonesia and Princess of Tourism.

Not easy for the couple's first son Dwi Subiyanto, S. Pd and Siti Badriyah, S. Pd to obtain the title, started from the event Kakang & Mbekayu Banyumas held in 2009, this event was then followed by approximately one hundred participants and the Agung elected as the first winner as Kakang BANYUMAS Year 2009. At the provincial level at the selection event Mas & Mba Central Java in 2009 as the ambassador of Agung Banyumas also can beat his rivals from other regions and obtained a first winner as MAS Central Java in 2009, while the women's section was chosen daughter Amalia R as MBA CENTRAL JAVA In 2009, the Princess is the ambassador of Purbalingga currently still taking classes at the University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto
National level event selection Indonesian Tourism Ambassador in 2010 the Supreme facing competitors that are not arbitrary, because they, according to the Agung not only come from major universities in Indonesia, but also people who already hold the middle S2 and S3 was educated there is even a couple of professors. But the Court armed with experience and knowledge of tourism and local arts are able to defeat them and elect to be Ambassador TOURISM INDONESIA Year 2010.
The material tested in the event that was held in Kendari from 1 till date December 6, 2010 consists of 3 areas include: Art Appreciation Adu Field Region, Division of Science and Attitudes. While the jury composed of Chairman Adwindo, Ministry of Tourism Representative, Ambassador to Malaysia, India Political Observer, Observer Dutch law, King Bali, Media Representatives, and Kak Zebby (save activist dragons). King Bali, obviously the Agung, even offering to lecture S2 level at one university in Bali and the cost will be borne entirely by Raja Bali.
Task sister Kurniawan Dwi Mustika Anggraeni as Tourism Ambassador of Indonesia Year 2010, which paired with the Princess Amalia R is not easy, the Agung and Prince should promoting Indonesian tourism and traditional arts in both the domestic and overseas through various activities that have been programmed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism . Task Court as Tourism Ambassador of Indonesia will expire in December 2011. Congratulations & Success for Agung

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