Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SPMB Unsoed 2010 With Online System Registration

Graduates SMA wishing exams local or selection acceptance freshmen (SPMB) University Jenderal Soedirman (General Soedirman) Purwokerto unnecessary anymore should go campuses in Grendeng Purwokerto. This possible because starting this year, admissions committee freshmen (PMBs) General Soedirman started applying online system.

''With online systems these, future students could fill registration form through internet by opening site spmb.unsoed.ac.id,''said Rector first General Soedirman, Nurul Anwar PhD.

Courses SPMB General Soedirman are online such, launched Rector General Soedirman Prof. Dr Soedjarwo, Wednesday (31 / 3).

Nurul mentions, registration SPMB General Soedirman are online began implemented 1 April to 16 April 2010. ''At timeframe these, matriculant General Soedirman could register by filling registration form at site spmb.unsoed.ac.id, later print proof registration,''explained.

Whereas for costs registration, could remitted into all bank branch BNI 46th. After obtaining proof payments from bank matriculant must doing verification registration via internet by entering proof payment.

As regarding location exams, committee SPMB General Soedirman prepare seven locations in seven city. Namely, campus General Soedirman in Purwokerto, SMA Negeri 1 Tegal, SMA Islam Al Azhar Cirebon, SMA Negeri 1 Bekasi, SMA Negeri 6 Bogor, SMA Negeri 1 Tasikmalaya, and SMA 1 Ciamis.

''Exam SPMB will implemented April 18 2010. Whereas announcement exam results, will reposted May 11 2010,''clearly Nurul.

Touched possibility system will 'hangs', because many matriculant who register during simultaneously, staff operational divisions UPT Puskom (units technical implementer computer) General Soedirman, Didin Samsudin, proclaims it irregularities. ''With systems we prepared, servers not will 'hangs', although on same moment exist 8000 who access websites spmb.unsoed.ac.id,''explained.

Nurul adding, for 2010 this, parties General Soedirman will receive around 5913 matriculant from various study program. Number student that much will received through 3 lane.

Besides SPMB which represents exams acceptance freshmen executed General Soedirman own, parties committee SPMB also receives freshmen through process acceptance through tracking system interests and talent and Selection National Entrance Universities (SNMPTN). ''Each pathways, allocated approximately 30 percent,''asserted.


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