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The Right Procedure SPMB Unsoed 2010 Online System

Graduates SMA wishing exams local or selection acceptance freshmen (SPMB) University Jenderal Soedirman (General Soedirman) Purwokerto unnecessary anymore should go campuses in Grendeng Purwokerto. This possible because starting this year, admissions committee freshmen (PMBs) General Soedirman started applying online system.

"With the online system, prospective students can fill out the registration form via the internet by opening spmb.unsoed.ac.id site," said the Rector first General Soedirman, Nurul Anwar, PhD.

Courses SPMB General Soedirman are online such, launched Rector General Soedirman Prof. Dr Soedjarwo, Wednesday (31 / 3).

Nurul mentions, registration SPMB General Soedirman are online began implemented 1 April to 16 April 2010. "At that time span, General Soedirman prospective students can register by completing the registration form on the site spmb.unsoed.ac.id, and then print a proof of registration," he explained.

Whereas for costs registration, could remitted into all bank branch BNI 46th. After obtaining proof payments from bank matriculant must doing verification registration via internet by entering proof payment.

As regarding location exams, committee SPMB General Soedirman prepare seven locations in seven city. Namely, campus General Soedirman in Purwokerto, SMA Negeri 1 Tegal, SMA Islam Al Azhar Cirebon, SMA Negeri 1 Bekasi, SMA Negeri 6 Bogor, SMA Negeri 1 Tasikmalaya, and SMA 1 Ciamis.

"Trials will be held SPMB April 18, 2010. While the announcement of exam results, will be announced May 11, 2010, "said Nurul.

Alluded to the possibility of the system will 'hang', because the number of students who enroll at the same time, the operational division staff Puskom UPT (units of computer technical implementers) General Soedirman, Didin Samsudin, saying it will not happen. "With the system we prepared, the server will not 'hang', although at the same time there are 8,000 people who access the website spmb.unsoed.ac.id," he explained.

Nurul adding, for 2010 this, parties General Soedirman will receive around 5913 matriculant from various study program. Number student that much will received through 3 lane.

Besides SPMB which represents exams acceptance freshmen executed General Soedirman own, parties committee SPMB also receives freshmen through process acceptance through tracking system interests and talent and Selection National Entrance Universities (SNMPTN). "Each of these lines, allocated approximately 30 percent," he asserted.

Procedure Online Registration

Here is Registration Procedur SPMB Online General Soedirman:


Candidate Participant before filling registration online MUST noticed several things follows:
1st. Registration starts date 1-16 April 2010 & will closed at days Friday, April 16th 2010 o'clock 15:00
2nd. Participant prepare KTP / SIM / KK, Prodi choice, choices BOPP
3. Participant print proof registration for obtain ID Registration
4. Participant handed printout ID Registration and doing payment into BNI 46 via menus SPC later participant will obtain PIN. Save fine PIN you possess. This PIN used to conduct registration complete until print cards participant. PIN, location local committee and groups exam will printed on proof payment, this PIN will used as login to update biodata prospective participant.
5. To expedite charging Biodata online should participants already prepares:

a. Personal data complete
b. Data origin education (Ijasah, Value UN / Transcripts)
c. Personal data parents / guardian (addresses, income)
d. Options Courses Study and ability besarnya BOPP
e. Men? Scans fitting photochrome 4 × 6 with maximal size 100 kbyte and formats JPG or JPEG. Pas photos must use clothing and pose formal for needs academic.

6. Charging Biodata only permitted ONCE only and not given facility EDIT (changes / repairs) if participant has through stage submit / approval.
7. After charging biodata, hence participants print BOPP, stamped and signed by parents / guardians
8. Participant compulsory print cards examinees and signed by participants (fairish paper A4)
9. Announcements places exam viewable in http://spmb.unsoed.ac.id H-1 (Date 17 April 2010) before exam.
10. Refund beam registration will conducted one hour before exam begins. Participant obligated bring card examinees, card original identity used to register (KTP / SIM / KK), Photocopies ijasah who Legalized (for graduates 2008/2009), Photocopies cards UN / letter boldness Headmaster (graduates 2010), statements BOPP, incorporated into stopmap (red color IPA, yellow IPS and green IPC) on stopmap given identities, number SPMB, name and choices majoring
Exam implemented on 18 April 2010.

Participants who can follow selection acceptance freshmen courses S-1 through lane SPMB Locally Gel. 1 must fulfill requirements sbb:

1st. Citizen Republic Indonesia or Foreign Citizentship.
2nd. Not having ketunaan which can interfere smoothness Study on study program choice.
3. Filling signup form, print ID Registration, carrying printout ID Registration ke Bank BNI
4. Paying fees registration with bringing printout ID Registration, through menus SPC in banks BNI 46th
5. Paying fees registration accordance with choice place exam with provisions
* 1st. Purwokerto amounting Rp 185,000, - (Hundred eighty five thousand rupiahs), registrations in Purwokerto.
* 2. Tegal, Cirebon, Bekasi, Bogor, Tasik and Ciamis amounting Rp 275,000, - (two hundred seventy five thousand rupiahs
6. Login Registration by filling biodata participants, educational data, data parents
7. Uploading photos max 100 Kb, Printing Form BOPP (accompanied stamp and signed by parents / guardians), print cards participants
8. For who retrieve Courses Studies Group IPA not blind colors.
9. Examinees lacking STK / STTB (prospective graduates years 2010), can register using certificate Headmaster / foto copy card SLC Schools / Exam National Final.
10. Graduates year 2008th and 2009th must bring foto copy diploma / STTB already Legalized.
11. On exam Membawa badges original used when registration (KTP, SIM, or KK), Photocopies ijasah who Legalized (for graduates 2008/2009), Photocopies cards UN / letter boldness Headmaster (graduates 2010), statements BOPP who has bermaterei and signed by parent or guardian, cards participants incorporated into stopmap (red color IPA, yellow IPS and green IPC) on stopmap given identities, number SPMB, name and choices majoring.
12. Behaving and dressed politely.
13. Refund beam registration done one hour before exam.


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